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Davis Browne can help you realise your vision for a one-of-a-kind creation for your special day.

Hand-finished Accessories

The expertise to create corsetry, millinery, gloves and fabric-covered shoes to complete the look.

Occasional & Formal Gowns

Truly tailored formal & occasional gowns. Whatever the occasion - stand out from the crowd.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Modern, simple & elegant - or elaborate - with a focus on flattering styles and individual fit.


Davis Browne

  • the Designer +

    About Davis Browne

    Davis Browne designs and makes bespoke bridal wear. His passion for creating gowns that are driven by the personality of the wearer lends itself perfectly to one-of-a-kind creations for special occasions.

    The design process he employs is consultative, and engaging. Customers frequently remark how they enjoyed being part of the creative process, and felt like they were wearing a creation of their own on the day.

    Davis will work with you to establish a budget that is within your means - and knows where it is possible to suggest economies in fabric selection or style or process to ensure a result that fits your imagination, and your budget.

    While ideally suited to brides who intend to have smaller wedding parties, and who have allowed themselves time before the special day - Davis has access to excellent short-term staff who can come on board to help create for either a tight deadline, or a cast of thousands.

    Whatever your situation - you won't be disappointed with your experience.

  • the Timeline +

    How long will it take?

    New clients could expect to have two meetings prior to commencing the gown to discuss ideas and images that appeal, during which, a rough sketch, colour and fabric samples, and a costing are developed. An initial measurement fitting will be conducted during one of these two appointments.

    A commitment to the design and budget is then reached - and work can proceed after an initial payment.

    Often there will be three fittings of the gown after the creative process has begun, including the final fitting. It is preferred that clients have allowed nine weeks prior to the date the gown/s are required. This allows sufficient opportunity for fittings to be scheduled around other commitments, and in many cases allows the design ideas to develop and settle.

    Fabrics are sourced from a range of suppliers nationally. As Davis Browne frequently shops interstate, allowing a good period prior to the date may allow a better selection of fabrics - especially if looking for a signature lace or boutique fabric.

  • the Costs +



    As the design develops, usually by the second appointment, a costing is also developed and presented for your approval. The costing consists of a budget for materials, and a charge for time.


    The costing will indicate the number of full days estimated to complete the gown including time for associated sourcing, fittings, and meetings - though work is carried out over the whole period and tallied by the hour. Usually this will be three, four, or five days - depending on the complexity of the design.


    Davis Browne is committed to effective costing and strives to source superior fabrics at very reasonable prices. Alternative methods and fabrics that could save expenditure without sacrificing the design will be discussed during costing. 

    What could you expect to pay?

    With so many variables to be discussed with every design, it is not possible to prepare quotes without meeting face-to-face. Every design is different - so costs vary enormously - but we strive to keep the costing process completely open. As a very rough guide, recent bridal designs have been completed between $1700 and $3500, and formal gowns have been $300 to $700.

    Commitment to the costing

    The costing provided prior to commencement for both materials and labour is firm. Only variations to the agreed design at the explicit request of the client, or extraordinary supply difficulties would necessitate an alteration to the budget.

    Clients should feel confident that the total costs are fixed once agreed.


    The materials budget is non-refundable and is paid prior to commencement. The fee is due in two parts (at the second fitting and again at the final fitting). Gowns may be collected once full payment is received. All three invoices are provided with the agreement. Payments are made by electronic transfer. Davis Browne is registered for GST.

  • the Choice +

    Finest Quality Fabrics

    Davis is committed to quality fabrics of distinction that suit the design, and the budget.

    Davis Browne has relationships with suppliers of fabrics and trims around Australia, and regularly visits his suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne to ensure that he is up to date with the latest available boutique fabric trends. Adelaide's own fabric retailers also offer an exciting array.

    Ongoing relationships with Australia's finest importers means access to high quality silk and beaded fabrics and at very affordable prices.

    And it also pays to be in the know about the little guys as well. Davis is always keeping an eye out for the small boutiques and treasure troves for the latest thing, or antique buttons or laces that will never lose their appeal.

    Samples of many fabrics are available for you at your first appointment. A full range of silk satins, sheers, and crepes is sampled in a huge selection of colours.

    Photographs of suppliers collections of laces, beaded and specialty fabrics are available via an online library, from there recommendations can be made, and actual samples can be arranged. Occasionally suppliers charge for a sampling service.

  • the Services +

    Expert Dressmaking

    With a background in costume for stage, Davis Browne has twenty years experience in general dressmaking, patternmaking, fitting, and tailoring.

    Davis can help you with your enquiries about formal dresses, occasional gowns, event wear, professional wear, and alterations to existing garments.

    Customers frequently provide an image to work from, and Davis can advise you to fabric selection, or work with fabric you provide. For formal dresses and occasional gowns it is usual to allow about four weeks, with a weekly fitting.

    Other services include colour services like garment dyeing or colour matching for fabrics, and shoe covering. Veils, 'birdcage' veils and light millinery are also offered.

    Expert Advice and Alterations

    Davis Browne also offers general dressmaking services, and can offer excellent advice and service for those considering off-the-rack gowns, for partial or full garment alterations, as well as repairs.

    Call now to discuss your requirements.
  • our Lyrebird +

    our Lyrebird

    We've chosen to use this little lyrebird as the mark of our business. When Davis Browne first began business in 1998, the business logo was three feathers - as a fleur de lys. Feathers captivate the imagination. They are fluid, dynamic, soft and strong. They suggest opulence and luxury. When opening the new bridal business, we looked for a new logo. It wasn't long before we found this little man.

    Australia's own distinctive and remarkably clever lyrebird... perhaps not as gaudy as the peacock... but oh so much smarter.

    Australian nature artist Glenys Buzza created this image of the resident male lyrebird at Healesville Sanctuary. Apparently she was wearing red that day - and he was a bit keen on her. She's captured the movement of his feathers brilliantly... his amazing show caught in brush and ink.

    We're thrilled to have an Australian artists work as our logo, and delighted that Glenys agreed to share it. You can see her other work at her own website here. Oh - and you can't copy this one... its got copyright all over it... see:

    Fan Dance - Lyrebird © Glenys Buzza/Licensed by Viscopy, 2011

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... my wedding day was PERFECT!!

And I lost count of how many comments (all good of course) I got about how stunning my dress was. It looked amazing on the day and I felt so beautiful.

Everyone just kept saying how completely 'me' it was. So Davis - THANK YOU - for doing such a wonderful job on it.

Sandi xx

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